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A professional eyebrow threading has the power to completely transform your face from ordinary to amazing. Well shaped brows frame and illuminate the eyes, contour your cheekbones, and can even erase years and gives you younger look. Think surgery-free face-lift!!!

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading is an All Natural, Less Painful, Last Longer than Waxing or tweezing, and more precise Eyebrow and face threading is a ancient Indian Technique for facial hair removal that is all natural, safe, simple, fast and effective. Threading works for everyone and all skin types!! Threading is the best alternative to waxing, tweezing and laser hair removal especially for women with sensitive skin or who are on Retin A and Accutane. Threading removes hair from the roots, does not peel off a layer of skin, does not cause skin irritation or bumps.

How Does it Work?

It's done with a piece of thread. By knotting the thread and creating a trap, hairs are removed by the roots or closest to the roots.

How Long Does it Take to Do Eyebrows?

5 to 7 minutes.

Does it Hurt?

It may sound painful, but threading is a lot less painful than waxing. Many of our clients say it hurts less than waxing and some say it does not hurt at all.

What are the Benefits of Threading vs. Waxing?

Here are a few:
* Threading does not peel a layer of skin.
* The majority of our clients (90%) experience no redness or swelling. If   redness or swelling occurs, it is gone within 30 minutes.
* No irritation or bumps at all.
* Hair does not grow back as fast, and hair regrowth is finer.
* Threading removes even the finest of hair and feels smooth like baby's   skin.

Advantages of Threading:

* Gentle - Most people find threading very gentle. Unlike waxing, threading   only targets the individual hairs, so skin irritation is kept to a minimum.   (Waxing often causes unnecessary stretching and removal of the skin's   delicate top layers).
* Precise - Threading is extremely precise and allows our threaders to have   greater control than waxing, resulting in a superior brow shape for you!!!
* Natural - Threading is 100% natural. There are no artificial waxes,   chemicals, or invasive techniques used.
* Complete - All hair, even those short stubbly hairs and peach fuzz can be   removed; avoiding that unpleasant growing-out period while giving your   skin a smooth texture for makeup application!
* Recommended - Threading is completely safe and   dermatologist- recommended for individuals who are currently using acne   medications like Accutane and Retin-A. Sensitive individuals that   breakout from waxing typically will not break out from threading.
* Anti-Aging - Waxing can tug, pull, stretch, and even remove the delicate   skin on your face, facilitating the development of wrinkles! Since threading   only targets the individual hairs, wrinkles, sagging and loss of elasticity   are completely avoided!
* Sanitary - Soft cotton thread is the only thing that ever touches your skin,   and a new strand of thread is used for each client. Unsanitary waxing   practices such as double dipping of the wax applicator are eliminated.
* Quick - Threading is an incredibly fast method of removing facial hair.   Complete eyebrow threading and shaping typically takes less than ten   minutes. Full facial threading takes approximately twenty minutes.
* Inexpensive - Compared to waxing, electrolysis, and other forms of hair   removal threading is a true bargain!